The New Parenting Paradigm

When I scan internet forums relating to parenting, I’m often shocked by the type of posts that are on there.  Today I read a post from a mother who was angry at a stranger tutting at her for what she described as, running up to her toddler (who was running out the supermarket doors) grabbing her and shouting at her to tell her off for this.  The toddler then proceeded to have a tantrum.

Whilst most of us I’m sure, have experienced well meaning strangers remarks if our children are being less than heavanly, is it any wonder that in the situation described above you would get a few glaring glances if your treating your child this way.  What surprised me most is that there were endless comments afterwards of women supporting her in this style of parenting.

Now I’m no saint, and I know we all loose our patience at times, it shocks me that so many people are so oblivious to the fact that there is another way.

My own parents were quite authoritarian and through this I knew that this wasn’t the way I wanted to parent my own children.  So soon after my son was born I started researching  and reading material on conscious parenting, unconditional parenting, non violent communication etc.

Its so important to educate people to an alternative style of parenting, its clearly a passion of mine, hence this site and blog.  I guess we are some of the forerunners in a new style of parenting?  What do you think?

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Emma Combes

Emma helps parents overcome the automatic negative reactions that are stopping them from parenting consciously and with love through her coaching practice. She also helps parents live the most awesome life in all areas, so they can know they were the best role model they could be for their children.