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Conscious Parenting and The Law Of Attraction

Over the past few years there has been a lot of hype about the movie ‘The Secret’. If you haven’t watched it already, ‘The Secret’ is all about the Law of Attraction. Basically, the Law of Attraction states that, whatever you focus on you get more of, and in the words of the movie itself, ‘What you resist, persists’.

Healing the Inner Child

‘Children who are not loved in their very beingness do not know how to love themselves. As adults, they have to learn to nourish, to mother their own lost child.’ Marion Woodman

In this post I want to help you to heal a part of your own past, in order for that past to not affect you in the present. This is so important, especially when we have children of our own.

Why Are Women Experiencing Pain in Childbirth?

Women tend to give birth the way themselves were birthed. Therefore, a woman who is born to parents that deeply loved and wanted her, in an atmosphere of love and support, will hold memories of birth that will assist her to give birth to her own children with ease and joy. On the other hand, a woman who is born in an environment of fear and trauma — such as a hospital — or to a mother that was terrified, drugged, and/or unconscious — will tend to have unpleasant memories of birth which will hinder her capacity to feel safe during the birth process and interfere with her ability to give birth with joy.

Conscious Parenting

conscious parenting is all about the desire to raise your child in the most conscious, gentle way. To consciously parent the way we wanted to be parented and not the way we were parented. Allowing your children to be who they are, to respect them as you would anyone else, and allowing them to discover for themselves while you are all the while on hand to coach them when necessary. Conscious Parenting…