How to Parent – See Your Child As The Teacher

In this ‘how to parent‘ series I am looking at some tools and philosophies you can use to make your family life more harmonious and connected.

So many places in life we see ‘education’ or learning from the top down, an heirarchical approach.  The ones who are older teach the younger, the ones that are bigger have more power and influence, you see this not only in schools and colleges but in families and playgrounds.  A few months ago, leading on from imersion into radical unschooling I came across the idea of consensual living.  And drawing on that philosophy I really think its important we see our children as teachers and valueable and resourceful members of the family.

Traditionally this is a hard thing to get our heads round.  Children are younger than us right?  How can they know more?  Well, maybe its not always about more, (although in some cases it can be :)  maybe its about a fresh perspective?  Children mainly haven’t had their brains deadened conditioned by years at school or mundane jobs, or been influenced by the media and society quite so much as us. When asked for their own solutions to problems they can often come up with ingenious ideas that would never have crossed our mind.

I think it was Albert Einstein that said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  What better than a new persons perspective on how to do things differently, in our society, in our families, in our life.

You will not only be giving that child a greater sense of confidence in who they are, but also helping them gain confidence at decision making and seeing the outcome of their actions.

Jeez, what a better way to learn hey?  Rather than being ‘instructed’ in whats right and wrong, what will work and what won’t, dictated to about whats best for them and for the family, you help your child discover it for themselves too?

This week see where you can include your childs opinions and ideas more in your family life and also in their own life.  See the difference that your making in their self esteem by making them an important and equal member of the family too :)

Love to hear your comments below?!


Emma Combes

Emma helps parents overcome the automatic negative reactions that are stopping them from parenting consciously and with love through her coaching practice. She also helps parents live the most awesome life in all areas, so they can know they were the best role model they could be for their children.

  • Keely

    I try and see my child as a teacher.  She has shown me there are just days where getting on your hands and knees to move is just the easiest thing to do.  I have a disability and had in recent years insisted that getting on my hands and knees to move around was just not going to happen.

    • Emma Combes @ Consciousmama

      Hi Keely,  Thanks for your comment!  Thats so great that you have been able to overcome a physical and mental challenge for yourself!  :)  Thankyou for sharing, she sounds like a perfect example! 

  • Mama K

    Hi Emma, Thank you for this refreshing post. I remember this daily and am often amazed at the new perspective my 4 year old daughter gives me on any given subject. She helps me connect with who I really am and I am loving the experience of being with her fresh wisdom in my life. I am looking forward to your posts so please keep them coming!