Do Your Reactions Stop You From Parenting Consciously?

There is a specific point in time that, if faced with calmness and compassion, will really help you parent from a place of love with your kids.  This point in time is that moment when we have the choice to react or act.

Its really paramount as parents that we are able to keep calm and collected as much as is possible so we can deal with any situation that arises from a place of calm connectedness.   It is that precise moment when our children come to us with mess, tears, tantrums, something broken, raised voices or sibling bickering we have the power to chose how we will respond.

I made a video for you today where I share more about  what our reactions are and why it is so important to over come them in order to parent from a place of love and compassion.… So click “play” now down below to watch it:


So… what’s your hardest reaction moment?   PLEASE share it down below!  You’ll be helping to inspire and encourage other parents out there to also clarify theirs!   I really look forward to getting to know YOU better too.

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Emma Combes

Emma helps parents overcome the automatic negative reactions that are stopping them from parenting consciously and with love through her coaching practice. She also helps parents live the most awesome life in all areas, so they can know they were the best role model they could be for their children.

  • Kristin

    I definitely react to my children out of stress and anger.  It is far more easy for me to lash out in these emotions than to even wrap my arms around them and give them a genuine hug.  I have been battling for a long time to fight how I was raised but re-writing the brain is no easy task.  I try and look at what I am getting so annoyed at.  Are they doing something that can hurt them, someone else or something else?  Are they just playing and being loud like normal children or are they fussing, fighting, demanding…?  If they are being children and that is what is annoying me, then that is my problem to overcome.  If it is a situation that truly warrants correction, then I have to be mindful of how I correct and once I’ve corrected, drop it.  Not yelling is a huge thing I’m trying to overcome too.  You don’t want to condition your children to only listen to you when you yell.  The list can go on and on.  It’s great to have tools like this to remind myself how to keep my cool and that children are little people who deserve and need respect.  How would we feel if someone treated us the way we treat our children???  

    • Emma Combes @ Consciousmama

      Hi Kristin, firstly, thankyou for your honesty!  Its so refreshing to hear :)  We all have problems with this from time to time.  I completely understand where you are, its so great you are already asking yourself these questions and trying to get to the bottom of your reactions.  Having children can definately create some really deep healing to occur in us too, so it sounds to me like this is bound to happen for you soon.  You are clearly on the right path!  Watch this space as I am Going to be coming out with a new product to help specifically with this problem!  If your not on my email list I suggest you subscribe to keep up to date!  :) 

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  • Clare Kirkpatrick

    What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for making the video. I look forward to more. I’ve shared this on my blog today.

    • Emma Combes @ Consciousmama

      Thankyou Claire! thx for sharing too!  :)

  • BC

    Thanks so much for the video–it was a great reminder of how I want to parent.  Today was a rough day & I was not at my best.  I am reinspired to make tomorrow better.  I think one of my triggers is not being listened to (or when I feel not listened to)–it is great to have that insight & helps me to stay present with my children.  Thanks again!

    • Emma Combes @ Consciousmama

      So glad it helped!  :)  Yes, listening has been one of my triggers too in the past.  Often if we felt unheard as a child it can push our buttons when we feel our children (or partners!) aren’t.  You can also try reframing the ‘not listening’, which I found has helped, if you havent already check out my post on what we make things mean,  Hope things are getting better for you! 

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