What Traditional Parenting Techniques May Be Teaching Our Kids About Love

In this post I want to highlight what a lot of mainstream parenting principles teach children about love and relationships.  I personally believe that what we expect in our adult relationships, personal, professional or intimate, can often be linked to the way we were parented ourselves.  So I want to highlight here, what mainstream, traditional techniques are […]

Being Your Childs Partner

There are many different theories on how to bring up kids out there, from extreme control and authoritarianism, to extreme permissivness and neglect.  Most parents fall somewhere along that line.  But if you consider a radically different view point for a moment, there is another way that most people don’t even know exists.  I like […]

Are You Friends With Your Kids?

Are you friends with your kids? I bet some of you are uncomfortable with that statement…  Parents aren’t friends with their kids right?  Because then they would disrespect us, or take advantage or any other number or negative consequences from us being overly nice or letting go of control? Do you treat your children with […]

Are you a Couch Potato Parent?

Are you a couch potato parent? You know, one of those parents that like to parent from the side lines, shouting orders across the room, dictating what needs to be done, seeing squabbles and intervening with words instead of actions? We’ve all done it.  It’s easier….. isn’t it?  And we’re tired….. right?  We can just […]

How to Get Things Done With Young Kids

In this article I want to talk  about how to get things done when you have young children.  Well children of any age really, but especially young kids that are so very much more dependant on you!   Well, firstly I’m afraid……. you don’t…  But its not all bad news so hang in there!  The […]

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