Who you are:

You love your kids and you want to parent more consciously, peacefully and have better relationships with you children. You realise that the way you parent your kids is going to have a long term effect on their self esteem and who they are in the world. You probably experienced more traditional forms of parenting growing up and remember how it felt to be a child. Because of this you want to make sure you raise your children in the most peaceful, connected and loving way possible.

What your issues tend to be:

Even though you’ve read a lot of the books on gentle discipline and positive parenting, you still find yourself shouting, criticising, blaming, and all the other things you don’t want to be doing. No matter how hard you try you seem to fall back into old patterns of traditional parenting, especially when the going gets tough and you’re losing your cool.

What you need most right now:

First you need to understand why you are still reacting in ways your less than proud of. You need to get where all this is coming from and how you can change it. Next you need specific tools and strategies that can help you move forward and start parenting the way you want to. Not looking for perfection, but embracing the changes that can help you be the parent you want to be and model the things you want your kids to learn.

Next Steps:

Contact me below to set up a free get acquainted call.  We'll get clear on the areas you are stuck and see if I can help you.  Think of it like a chat with a good friend :)